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Microsoft Evangelism

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General manager at Microsoft Evangelism group Vic Gundotra started his own blog. He stated a number of well-known serious concerns about MSFT but failed to offer any concrete answers IMHO.

A stock price that has remained flat for some time, recent high-profile departures, repeated slips in schedule for major products, the success of companies like Apple and Google, the emergence of the web as a platform and other very compelling arguments are all used as evidence to point to the decline of Microsoft.

In general, I found that all Microsoft employee blogs share some of the same tone/attitude, i.e. I am working on some of the greatest technology that is going to impact millions of people around the world; I work with smart, passionate co-workers, etc etc. We all know that! What I would like to see really is how MSFT reachs out and relates itself to those smart and passionate people that are not in the Microsoft camp. How about inviting some of the LAMP gurus to give talks on campus? How about creating a version of Microsoft Office that runs on Linux? How about developing a Linux emulator so you can run linux apps within Windows?

There are a lot more that Microsoft can do.

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April 23rd, 2005 at 12:26 am

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