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What Skills Are In Demand?

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Do you know what skills are in high demand of a Sr. Software Engineer? The following job requirements may give you a good starting point:

You know you are the perfect candidate if: –You have three years of expert experience in: (1) Object Oriented Programming (2) C#, Java and/or J2EE—You are proficient in: (1)Object-Relational Mapping (2) Data Modeling with Object Role Modeling (3)Visio for Enterprise Architects (or another modeling tool.)(4) NUnit (or JUnit)(5) NAnt (or Ant) (6) AccuRev (or other Source Code Control System and Incident Tracking Systems)(7) CodeSmith (or other code generation tools) (8) ASP.NET deployment to a web-farm environment (9)SQL Server, Oracle, and/or DB2 in a clustered environment (10) XML, XML, Schema and source-code generation from XML.

You have utilized: (1) Agile Software Development (2) AQTime (or another .NET Performance Profiling Tool)—You are familiar with: (1) Design by Contract (2) Aspect-Oriented Software Development (3) Visual Studio .NET (4) Object-Relational Mapping tools such as OJB, OJB.NET, Hibernate, NHibernate or TopLink. (Maybe wrote own tool.) (5) CCNet or another Continuous Integration Tool.

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November 30th, 2005 at 11:09 am

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