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Another Music Player – Open Source

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Rob Lord and his team is working an open-source project called Songbird, in which the team will create music-playing software that will work naturally with the growing number of music sites and services on the Web. Given that this new software will be based on open-source Mozilla technology, it would be really cool to make this also a conduit between your mobile mp3 gadgets and web-based mp3 stores (even your personal storage of mp3 files.)

Rob’s past credential is pretty impressive: a co-founder of the Internet Underground Music Archive, an online music site predating the MP3 boom, as well as one of the first employees at Winamp creator Nullsoft, he was most recently a product manager for the launch of Yahoo’s music software and subscription service, after his last start-up, Mediacode, was purchased by the portal.

A Firefox for music? | CNET

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December 22nd, 2005 at 11:58 pm

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