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Mobile Data Services Survey

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Ran across a survey by M:Metrics on Wireless Data Service Usage:

Wireless Data Service Usage by M-metric

What’s interesting is that the combined multimedia consumption (music, video etc.) is only 4% of the cellphone subscribers. Not sure whether it is because users have shown no interests or just because the wireless data networks do not provide the appropriate bandwidth for multi-media content yet.

Still, industry insider such as Allen Beasley is still very (maybe a little overly) optimitic. His company, Redpoint Ventures, has invested in cellphone-TV programmer MobiTV, mobile-payment service Obopay and AirPlay, whose technology lets cellphone users play along with TV sporting events and game shows. With broadband wireless networks and handsets in place, “the explosion of the Internet is going to happen in the mobile space,” he says.

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June 20th, 2006 at 11:57 pm

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