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Chinese Wireless Company KongZhong Best Small Cap for 2007

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Chinese wireless communications company KongZhong (Nasdaq: KONG) won the title of the Best Small Cap for 2007 in a Motley Fool contest.

The reason cited for picking KONG was not entirely convincing though. Okay, it is an emerging market and it is a pure play in wireless communication. The competition in China’s WVAS 9wireless value add service) market is just too fierce. It would be a hard press to believe that KongZhong has the winning formula against Sohu, Sina or Tom Online in the wireless market.

The other four are Atheros (Nasdaq: ATHR), Walter Industries (NYSE: WLT), Portfolio Recovery Associates (Nasdaq: PRAA), Syneron (Nasdaq: ELOS).

Full stories, see: And the Best Small Cap for 2007 Is … [ Commentary] December 11, 2006

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December 12th, 2006 at 6:10 pm

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