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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Recession and Innovation

leave a comment carried the full transcript of Mr. Ballmer’s speech at the Democratic Caucus Retreat.

It is a fascinating read, a refreshing take on the current economical situation from a business person’s perspective, without beating the dead horse (a.k.a the wall street). He strongly believes that technology innovation is one of the three forces that is going to save the day again. Interestingly, he highlighted user experience and cloud computing as the next phase of technology transformation: “The next few years are going to see dramatic changes in the way you interact with technology: touch, gestures, handwriting, speech recognition.” and “these trends are going to help create a computing platform that extends from PCs and phones and TVs out into the massive storage and connectivity out in the Internet. ”

You should go read the piece.

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February 6th, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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